Rent a serp - new technology that creates your customer powerhouse local seo websites and lét them rent every page to different owner


Creator : MarioCimmino
Product: Rent A SERP
Launch Date :2014-05-27
Launch Time : 11:00 EDT
Price : $47
Focus : Seo & Traffic
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RENT A SERP - What is it ?

Rent A SERP is a sofware that permit you to create free local seo, optimize internal links structure for fast rankings or rent every page to a different client or business

Who is Rent A SERP built for ?

This theme was built for anybody who is serious about online marketing and really wants to rank for local search terms.
If you are an online marketer, building links of local terms is extremly important so that this software is very useful in order that your site get the top 1 on google and others search engines 


Rent a Serp’s Features

This product permit you to create an unique theme in 2 minutes with page specific settings

  •           Unique logo for every page created
  •           Unique page title, H1s, Alt Tags
  •           Meta Description, Meta Tags, Body Text
  •           Unique Social media links
  •           Unique email form header
  •           Unique phone number
  •           Youtube video 
  •           Testimonial  settings
Site demo

30 days 100% money back guarantee 


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